Biology Students' Society of Slovenia

Who are we?

Društvo študentov biologije (DŠB) or the Biology Students' Society is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Society is a voluntary, independent and non-profitable association of people interested in any kind of biology-related activity, study of biology or problems concerning the study. The goal of the Society is to stimulate research, study and study-connected activities of students studying biology at Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.




Our projects:

Summer research camp
Situated in a different Slovenian region every year, this camp focuses on research of our country's biodiversity. There are several workgroups, each studying its own animal group (coleoptera, odonata, reptilia, aves, mammalia, etc.), or plants. Of course there is enough time for social activities.

Spring research camp in Dalmatia
Every end of April we go to one of Croatian islands (or, in case of Pelješac, a peninsula) to study mediteranean flora & fauna. Of course the study wouldn't be complete without seeing the underwater habitat, so there is also a diving group.

Field days
Taking care of the part of biology that is often not represented enough in our study, field days are the opportunity for biology students (and other interested) to experience things they learn on the field. They are also the opportunity for those that wish to share their knowledge.

We invite lecturers to broaden our views of certain topics. For those who haven't had enough of college lectures...

Biology students' bulletin. Judging from the title one could say that it's a relaxing read. This is only half true, as there are also articles about study problematics on our university. There is also an on-line version, that can be reached here: (mostly in Slovene language).

We organise visits of international students' conferences, such as the International Natural Sciences Students' conference in Lithuania. Furthermore, we invite students from abroad to take part in our camps and other activities.

Web page
Besides describing our society and activities, the page you are currently reading offers news of our activities and the activities of other related societies, a collection of materials for study and links to related web pages. We also have a photo gallery and a forum. Our server hosts web pages of several other biological societies (see the Links page).

How to reach us?

Surface mail:
Društvo študentov biologije
Department of biology
Vecna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana



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